Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By using this web site and / or the software you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted fully meet the following terms and conditions:


All products monitoring and recovery passwords are intended to be used on a computer owned and only accounts that you own them. This product can only recover passwords stored locally in the cache of your browser. If no password stored in the browser cache, our software can not recover passwords. Also, if you intend to use our software to recover passwords of others, must obtain permission from the account holder unless the parent or guardian of a minor. It is your obligation to verify compliance with applicable local laws regarding password recovery and enforcement of these laws. By using our website and / or our software you agree not be responsible under any circumstances for damages of any kind.


All our products are distributed and licensed as is without warranty of any kind as to its performance, reliability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall we be liable for any loss of data or ANY DAMAGES (whether economic, physical, emotional or otherwise) that may arise from its use. It is illegal to install monitoring software on PCs that are not owned – and we can not vouch for malicious users. Help law enforcement to prosecute users who abuse or attempt to abuse our software for malicious purposes.


All performances of this website belong to the “clean” nature of this software (no malware of any kind) are made exclusively for this web site after extensive testing in both our product and any other products included. We can not be responsible in any way if our software is infected by malware third parties without our knowledge and / or consent. You agree to conduct their own tests before use.


The software found on this site may not be sold or distributed in any way without prior written consent.


Take legal action against anyone who is found pirating our products. Also, we tell you about any user who is found pirating other products developer or manager of such products.


By using any of our generator you agree not to decompile, reverse engineer, modify or change any part of it in order to discover their methods or internal mechanisms. The fact so constitutes a violation of our copyrights.

The testimonials posted on this website, including images, names and associated with such testimonies have been generated by us based on real testimonials, comments and reviews we have received from the users of our software over time to address. By using our website and / or our software, you agree to comply with our terms and conditions and was therefore duly informed of the nature of the testimonials / reviews that appear on this website.

Demonstration Videos
The videos show our password recovery software appearing on this website are slightly different to the actual software distributed through this website in the following ways:

a) The software activation process is not shown
b) The way in which the password is displayed at the end of the process has been simplified and is significantly different to the way passwords recovered by the software available for download on this website is.

By using our website and / or download our software you certify that you are in full understanding of the differences between the video demo of our software and the actual software.


We make every effort to maintain the software posted on this website free of viruses, malware and other potentially unwanted material. However, under no circumstances will we make any warranty as to the secure nature of our software and / or our website. The user of our website and / or our software accepts to conduct their own tests to ensure safety before downloading software, and under no circumstances will we be liable for any damage caused directly or indirectly by our software the user or any third party.



All graphics, software, code samples, and other digital information contained on this web site and software distributed over the Internet are protected by copyright. If you wish to use any site content, whether textual information, code samples, or anything else, please contact us for permission.


By downloading this product you accept the potential of a search bar installation; web search wizard on your computer that has been hired us to distribute his assistant. By installing this software application and its accompanying search bar you agree to allow the search bar the following:

a) collecting anonymous statistical data on its system to improve user experience
b) change and redirect certain websites as deemed appropriate by the search bar


To install, run or use any of our products or services you accept the above policies. You further agree to comply with the above policies at any time.